We are happy to announce a new team member Lisa  OROPALLO,  Licence Massage Therapist that will be joining in our Spa.
Some of her additional training and certification includes:
-Manual Lymphatic Drainage
-Crystal Energy healing and Vibration Sound Healing.
While developing her signature style of healing therapeutic treatment, she intuitively utilizes her natural gift of energy healing.
Lisa strives to offer relaxing service that is also results driven. Outside of her healing services she is a mom, home maker, animal lover, yoga/meditation practitioner
and former owner of a wellness boutique that shared in many of her mind body spirit healing interests and practices. As Lisa evolves in her craft, she will continue to bring a little healing to the world.
Swedish massage         60min  $80        90min  $120
Deep Tissue massage   60min $100       90min $140
Aromatherapy massage 60min $100       90min$140
Lymphatic Drainage Lymph Lift  1) Session $125            3) sessions $350
for overall health, mental clarity, sinus troubles, headache, as well as skin appearance just to name a few benefits associated with this treatment.  Aiding the body in eliminating harmful debris by clearing stagnant lymph fluid from your lymph system that can prevent optimum health.
Vibe signature Massage 85min $150         
This massage is the ultimate relaxation experience engaging all of your sense and guiding you to relaxation using visualization/ insight, aromatic botanical, light fluid massage, and vibration sound to deliver a full mind body spirit collective.
Chakra Balancing massage (up to 80min) $120

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